Why Tiumed? Why Now?

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) care hasn’t changed in 20 years. Men diagnosed with moderate-to-severe BPH currently have two treatment options. They can choose surgical procedures, which can include extended hospital stays and post-surgery health risks. Or they can opt for temporary solutions and accept a poor quality of life with varying degrees of pain and discomfort. Both options offer unappealing trade-offs.

The founders of Tiumed invented today’s core BPH surgery technologies more than a decade ago and remain committed to improving treatment options. The new Tiumed technology platform sets a new standard for BPH surgical care, harnessing the full power of bipolar TURP technology delivers a more effective, permanent solution to BPH symptoms.

[Continuum of care diagram]

Patients Don’t Have to Settle

Informed patients look for two things from BPH treatments. They want to maximize symptom relief and avoid health complications and recovery times associated with invasive surgeries. Existing treatment options free patients to choose one of these less-than-deal outcomes. Our transformative technology gives patients what they want: immediate, long-lasting relief, with minimal post-operative discomfort.

Clinicians Can Do More with Less

Outdated BPH treatments unnecessarily burdens clinical resources. Slow procedures, expensive laser technologies and inconsistent results all prevent clinicians from aligning BPH care with hospital economic objectives. Tiumed technology drives new efficiencies in the OR. Clinicians get more effective, efficient tools
that promote faster surgeries and quicker

Want to know more?

See how the Tiumed platform improves existing bipolar TURP technology to offer patients and clinicians a better choice for permanent BPH relief.