Measurably improved surgical outcomes

The Tiumed platform incorporates the same TURP technology and tools surgeons use today, with one critical difference: a new catheter and generator to promote faster, more effective tissue removal—leading to shorter surgeries, reduced risk of complications and greater patient satisfaction.

A Redesigned Plasma Vaporization Catheter

Gain greater control over the tissue removal process with a flexible catheter design that expands the vaporization pocket. Collapse the mesh basket for insertion and deploy during surgery to increase plasma surface area and speed tissue removal.

System-Matched Solution

The Tiumed plasma vaporization catheter and generator combine to form a more powerful, precise tissue removal solution—harnessing the full potential of bipolar technology.

Utilize Existing Glass and Steel

Our device-agnostic platform works with the equipment and tools surgeons already have, so hospitals can avoid changeover costs and experience improved outcomes quickly.

Going Where Greenlight Can’t

Drive new efficiencies into the OR. Remove tissue faster, reduce the need for multiple surgeries and minimize additional staffing requirements move from laser therapies to more precise, effective plasma-based treatments.

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