Why Tiumed?

The BPH Treatment Gap

With 22M diagnosed patients in the U.S. alone, BPH (enlargement of the prostate) is a big problem that increasingly impacts men’s health and quality of life. Current, outdated, surgical solutions continue to carry risks of prolonged recovery and pain, with inadequate relief.

As a result:

  • Patients are forced to choose between taking risks or living with increasing impact of disease
  • Urologists and clinics are faced with higher costs and lower patient satisfaction

Tiumed delivers what the industry is looking for:


• Improved & lasting relief
• Faster recovery with minimal pain
• Outpatient/Minimal hospital time


• Deliver higher quality results
• Use existing skills and equipment
• To be able to see more patients


• Better margins
• Improved patient satisfaction
• Freed up resources
• Minimal disruption

Closing the Treatment Gap

Tiumed’s team revolutionized BPH surgery 15 years ago. Today we are taking it to the next level. Our next-generation plasma technology platform evolves BPH treatment for patients, urologists and clinics through improved effectiveness and efficiency, faster recovery and lower costs.

BPH Surgery. Evolved.

See how Tiumed’s evolved plasma technology offers patients, clinicians and clinics a more effective, efficient choice for BPH relief.